7 thoughts on “Cloud Massage of Springfield

  1. I was hurting all over this morning. After our visit, I am feeling so flexible and relaxed. My back doesn’t hurt like this morning and my stress level is much calmer. Thank you Rocky for your wonderful service. I can lift a bucket full of water this afternoon. Horses are happy now.

  2. I recently moved back to Springfield after almost nine years in the northeast. The move was stressful and my body was tight and aching. A friend recommended Cloud Massage to me, and I’m glad. Being at Rocky’s place and experiencing his body work was absolutely phenomenal. I drove up to the house, to be greeted by banana trees and huge elephant ears and immediately I knew that I “wasn’t in Kansas anymore.” Stepping into Rocky’s house, my spirit felt refreshed by the good, earth-centered energy within. And then… what a massage! I’ve seen a variety of people over the past decade for massage work, and my mind and body tell me that Rocky’s work is the top. He is sensitive and attuned to the nuances of the body, where tension and stress are stored, and the deep workings of mind/body and how the muscles are affected.

    I highly recommend Rocky’s skilled hands and mind to anyone looking for a massage beyond expectation that leaves one centered and totally in sync with oneself.

  3. I would recommend Rocky to anyone looking for a great experience! I had a Swedish massage with Reiki which was extremely relaxing. I really liked Rocky. He is a very nice man and the massage was amazing! I left there very calm and relaxed! I look forward to my next visit.

  4. I’ve had many massages from Rocky and every one of them had me walking out the door feeling like a new man. For the majority of my life I’ve gotten horrible tension headaches and Rocky was able to make those happen less and less frequent. When you receive a massage from Rocky you and your body receive his full attention. I know many massage therapist’s and he is hands down the most talented and most aware of individual needs. I no longer live in the area but whenever I come back to visit I always squeeze in time for a massage from Rocky.

  5. I would estimate that I have had at least 30 massages from Rocky. The environment that he creates is totally relaxing. He is a very caring person who never gives less than 100%. I have found that he listened to my needs and is able to help work out those spots that really need attention. He seems very in tune with my body and my muscles. One time I had a knot in my neck, that every time he worked on it, it kept knotting back up after he was done massaging it. He kept working the spot until it was done knotting up and I felt so much better. I have always found that my time with Rocky is well spent. He never seems rushed and has always been a total professional in all ways. I would highly recommend Rocky to anyone seeking a quality massage that will really be tailored to their needs.

  6. Heard about Rocky Cloud from a couple of doctors in Springfield and decided to make an appointment. I received one of the best massages I have ever had. Rocky is very professional and cares about his clients needs. I will be recommending Rocky to my family and friends and anyone else looking for a great massage therepist.

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